Welcome To The EAPL Thrift Shop



The EAPL Thrift Shop is proud to be a Colorado owned and operated non-profit store that benefits the animals rescued by the Evergreen Animal Protective League. Shopping at the EAPL Thrift Shop improves your life, the lives of many animals in need, and the community as a whole. When you choose to reuse, you help your budget and our planet, while supporting EAPL and all of the amazing animals we save from poor conditions.  And you can feel good about being a part of community we all love so much.


Visit our website and Facebook Page often to get the most out of shopping at the EAPL Thrift Shop. You will find hundreds of treasures every day and our inventory is always changing. From beautiful hand made jewelry, to the perfect sweater to keep you warm this winter, and even furniture and housewares to keep your home looking it’s best. Our team works hard to offer you the best selection at the best value…everyday.


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How to participate…It’s easy!

PICK UP–If you or someone you know is in need of pet food, sign-up starts on Saturday, Jan. 2nd, 2021 at the EAPL Thrift Shop at 27888 Meadow Dr. Evergreen.
Sign-up requires a name, phone #, pet info (# of pets, type & weight).
Pick up times will be the last Thursday & Friday of every month from 10am-5pm.
Information is kept confidential.

DONATE–Bring pet food to the Thrift Shop Tuesday-Thursday from 2pm-5pm all month long!
If you have questions feel free to stop by the store or call Elizabeth Kemp 303-679-2504.
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